Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Some news

RP officer sent home for alleged shoplifting

After reading this, i can't but cringe. When will we learn? Most people bitch about our country's regression but still opt to do the bad thing. Geez. Tangina talaga. Nakakahiya. Kahit gaano pa kadami na ang nasabi, ganun pa rin nangyayari. Pohtah.

+ + +

In the UP front, we have ourselves a new prez. Congrats to the new person in charge! (though it has been quite a while since i stepped unto the grounds of my alma mater) Here's to better education, progressive teaching and learning and yes, less budget cuts. :-)

+ + +

Ok, on my last note: the illustrated poetry book endeavor that my cousin Aurelio Lopez III and I did is finally up for sale. Check it out here. The book design can be done better (i wish they made me do it, yargh) but i'm glad it's finally up. :-)

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